Sport Ice


Shard Sport Ice for the YETI Rambler lasts day, night, and to the next day.


An active lifestyle demands more from the everyday. There’s nothing like a crisp, cold drink to keep you refreshed and hydrated. But you don’t have time to detour for an ice refill, and there’s no freezer when you’re on the go. You need ice that lasts all day no matter the extremes.


 Shard Sport Ice now availalbe for the Bison TumblerScore more chill with Shard Sport Ice for the YEtI Rambler.

Shard Sport Ice for the YETI Rambler provides:

  • Maximum Chill Time

  • Crisp, Clean Taste

  • Multi-purpose





High Performance Ice

Shard Sport Ice for the YETI Rambler makes it easy to create a high performance clear ice block in your home freezer. What makes ice high performance? Ice blocks melt slower than regular cubes because of reduced surface area; providing long-lasting cool. In tests with the YETI Rambler, our ice lasted 10 hours longer than regular ice. Secondly, the taste of clear ice is pure and clean, and it won’t add impurities to your drink when it melts.


How It Works:



Shard Sport Ice Fits directly in the:
YETI Rambler 30oz Tumbler, RTIC 30oz Tumbler, KUER Corp Cups 30oz Tumbler, BOSS 30oz Tumbler, SIC 30oz Glacier Tumbler, Fire and Ice KING Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler 30oz and Frio 30oz Cups.

Multi-purpose: Use the Shard Sport Ice Kit every day with All YETI Products!

  • Cool your Cooler - Use the ice block in your cooler to keep your food and drinks cold for longer. Perfect for use at camp, the tailgate, or on the go!
  • Cheers with the Lowball - Maximize the chill and minimize dilution of your favorite cocktail by chipping your clear ice into small chunks for use in your Lowball.

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