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Pot O' Gold: The Coolest St. Patrick's Day Celebration Bar Setup

You won't need any luck impressing your St. Paddy's Day guests with this bar setup complete with festive glassware,infused liquor and glistening clear ice. Don a leprechaun hat and sip your way to the end of the rainbow where a pot of gold awaits. 

Bar Supplies:

  • 5 Glass Containers
  • Vodka
  • Skittles
  • St. Patrick's Day Window Clings
  • Gold Balloon
  • Large Black Bowl
  • Large Clear Bowl
  • Shard Artisanal Ice Kit

Rainbow Liquor

Infused vodka forms the pop of color in the center of the bar. We followed the directions from PopSugar Food to mix it up overnight.

1. Sort the Skittles by color. You'll need enough for the infusing ratio, vodka to Skittles 2:1.

2. Put the Skittles in your glass containers, one color to one bottle. Add the vodka.

3. Let sit overnight to infuse. It takes about 24 hours for the candy to mostly dissolve. 

4. Filter out the candy pieces and floating sugar using a fine mesh strainer. (A coffee filter was too fine for our patience)

5. Return the infused vodka to the bottles, one color to one container.

Pot O' Gold

Only clear ice is as good as gold for your celebration. 

1. Put a piece of rolled up tape in the center of the gold balloon. Tape the center of the balloon into the center of the bottom of the black bowl. 

2. Gently line up the balloon with the side of the bowl. Fold down the edges of the balloon so they fit within the bowl. Tape the balloon to the sides of the bowl. 

3. Place the clear bowl into the black bowl over the gold balloon.

4. Add Shard clear ice to complete the look.

Pro Tip: 

Irish up your glassware by adding St. Patrick's Day window clings to your choice glasses.