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Ice Lab: Water Type Performance Test Part 1

As the only ingredient in ice, it seems logical that quality water would mean quality ice. We're putting that to the test to see how much clear ice is created per Shard Artisanal ice block. The clear ice is free of impurities and air bubbles. Our hypothesis then is that filtered, boiled, or other purer forms of water should result in a block of with more clear ice. Let's find out!

In Part 1, we'll look at the results of ice blocks from tap, filtered, and boiled water frozen in the Shard Artisanal Ice kit. Each ice form was filled with approximately the same amount of water. 


Clear ice water test results

The amount of cloudy ice at the bottom of each block is pretty much the same in all three. The filtered block appears to be taller than its fellow tap and boiled blocks. (Though maybe that's just our warped cutting board...oops!). Let's take a closer look!

Tap Water Test Ice Block

The tap water ice block had about 3.5 inches of clear ice and 2.5 inches of cloudy ice.

Filtered Water Test Ice Block

The filtered water ice block had about 3.75 inches of clear ice and 2.25 inches of cloudy ice. 

Boiled Water Test Ice Block

The boiled water ice block had about 3.25 inches of clear ice and 2.75 inches of cloudy ice. 


The difference between the blocks is pretty negligible, but it looks like filtered water wins in a photo finish. Which thinking through the filtered water should have less impurities in it, therefore less dust to form clouds in the ice. Of course the ratio of cloudy to clear may change depending on the level of water in the ice form. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll test distilled water and spring water against the filtered water!