Jan 21st 2016

The Complete Guide to Ice Spheres

Of all the recent cocktail trends, ice spheres are the most ubiquitous. Originating at high end whiskey bars in Japan, moving their way to American speakeasies and finally into big box stores, these chilly orbs have made their way into the every d…

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Jan 6th 2016

What Does It Take to Run a Craft Ice Program?

Last month, Tales of the Cocktail ran an insightful article on artisanal ice programs at high-end bars. The emergence of craft ice has opened up options for cocktail flavor progression and presentation previously limited to industrial chip ice. “Now,…

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Dec 9th 2015

Art in Action

Sometimes our art needs a little inspiration. For that we turn to professional bartenders the world around who sculpt ice for drinks with incredible skill. Check out these videos of different sculpting techniques for shaping an ice ball. Shard Video…

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