Oct 12th 2016

Halloween 2016 Party Picks

Halloween is the perfect time to get in costume, have some friends over and celebrate! We scoured stores’ seasonal items to pick out some choice pieces to add to your ghoulish spread. Give spooky snacks a spooky setting with these skeleton serving bo…

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Sep 27th 2016

6 Tips for Maximizing Shard Ice Forms

Our own in-house testing of the food grade plastic Shard ice forms has found most to last for 50+ uses. But poor practices will shorten their life span.Here are 6 tips for maximizing the usability of the ice forms. 1. Room Temperature Start wit…

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Sep 21st 2016

Ice Cubes, the new Spheres?

According to an article this week in the Wall Street Journal, ice spheres are out and ice cubes are in. Not just any ice cubes, large format, perfectly clear ice that is hand cut into a cube. For bars with a craft ice program the cube is an affordabl…

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Sep 10th 2016

On The Rocks: Dog Days of Summer

Summer is drawing to close. What better way to celebrate labor day weekend than with these fresh Dog Days of Summer themed cocktails. The GreyhoundA slim and simple cocktail with a tart bite the Greyhound aims to please. 1 1/2 oz. Vodka4 oz…

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Jul 19th 2016

Party Prep: Shard Tip #1

One of the best things about Shard ice is introducing the ice standard to friends and family! Of course you're going to need plenty of blocks to keep up with guests' thirst!Tip #1: Stock Up on Ice Blocks With Extra Ice Forms Those extra ice form…

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May 31st 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

Probably the toughest person to buy a gift for is a Dad. They always seem to already have everything! The Shard team has put together a selection of ideas that are sure to bring a smile to dear old dad's face. Check out the details below (including…

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