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About Shard

The Standard is Perfectly Clear

Our eyes were opened one night while enjoying craft cocktails, where behind the bar stood a huge perfectly clear ice block. Bartenders sawed off individual chunks from the block to place in each cocktail and masterfully hand-carved ice spheres. The simple change from cloudy, ice cubes to clear ice rocks transformed each drink into a dazzling piece of art. Jim Rushton had but one response, "I need this".

After researching for weeks, Jim found only a few small DIY intensive methods or an expensive industrial 300 lb ice block machine. With no other option, Jim toiled in his workshop to prototype the Shard. The final manufactured product is ready and easy-to-use to start crafting ice blocks. 

Shard seeks to bring the purity, performance and beauty of clear ice to the home. Days of settling for freezer cubes are over. You deserve better.


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